ASAW’ needs your support in the form of your time, money, skills, materials or even your moral support to whatever extent possible. Every rupee, every suggestion, every skill, each moment coming from you takes us a step further in our mission. Nothing is too small or insignificant a contribution. We are confident that together, we could make a big difference to the stray and abandoned animals in our country.
There are several ways in which you could leave behind something, however small, for ‘ASAW’ and therefore for animal welfare. Here are some of the ways:

  • You could leave behind a sum of money for ‘ASAW’.
  • You could leave behind any valuable item such as a piece of furniture, a vehicle or anything that you may think you do not want, which we may sell and use the money for animal welfare.
  • You could leave behind a part of your estate, on which we could put up a shelter or a veterinary hospital for stray animals in the area.

Bank Transfer
If you would like to transfer money directly into our  bank account YOU MAY REQUEST THE ACADEMY FOR BANK DETAILS
Please send an email to to let us know that you have done a transfer (so we can say thank you!).
You can send donations either by cheque or a demand draft. Please make your cheque or demand draft in the name of  ACADEMY OF SCIENCES ANIMAL AND WERLFARE, payable at BAREILLY and send it to the following address:
Dr. P.K. Gupta(President),
Academy Of Sciences And Animal Welfare,
C-44, Rajendra Nagar,