Core Purpose

The core purpose of the Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare is to Help Spread Kindness towards Animals and to enhance human, animal, and environmental health including ethical treatment, castration of stray dog population and anti-rabies vaccine of dogs etc.

Core Values

The Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare is a Professional welfare society dedicated to:

  • Scientific Integrity.
  • To provide veterinary assistance and prevent cruelty against animals.
  • Enhancement of human, animal and environmental health.
  • Scientific diversity and use of minimum animals for research and development and promote use of alternatives to laboratory.


The academy is dedicated to the improvement of health and safety of humans and animals and also the protection of their environment.To fulfill these objectives, the academy is committed to:

  • Critical goal in science and education will be continually identified.
  • Research involving laboratory animal only if is necessary to ensure enhancement of human and animal health and protection of the environment. Scientifically valid research designed to reduce, refine, or replace the need for laboratory animal is encouraged.
  • Research animals must be used in a responsible manner.
  • Each one shall observe the spirit as well as the ethical standards of treatment with regard to the welfare of humans and animals involved in any experimental procedure. Cruelty of any kind will be prevented.
  • Allocation of less painful or stressful procedures and improve animal care.
  • The development and enforcement of alternatives to the use of animals.


  • Recognition among peers.
  • Eligibility to attend all programs of ASAW.
  • Can sponsor other non-members.
  • Opportunity to interact with others.
  • Eligibility for distinctions and awards.
  • Eligibility for participation in ASAW-appointed committees.
  • Eligibility to become a fellow of ASAW.
  • Regional chapter officer Eligibility for becoming regional(chapter)officer.
  • Eligibility of advertisements at reduced rates.


  • Will enjoy ALL THE PRIVILEGES as applicable to individual members.
  • Can SPONSOR TWO candidates for the Associate ship of the Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare (ASAW) WITHOUT PAYMENT OF ANY EXTRA DUES.
  • Are eligible to sponsor two candidates for the FELLOWSHIP.
  • Participation in conferences and Symposia etc at CONCESSIONAL RATES.
  • Eligible to receive publications / Newsletters etc. FREE OF COST.
  • UNIQUE PRIVILEGE to serve a noble cause –i.e. animal welfare programs.
  • Participation in decision making.

Points to Remember

All living beings are one family: ‘Vasudev Kutumbkam’ (the Vedas)

  • “Voice your concern for the voiceless creatures”.
  • “Save animals don’t enslave animals”.
  • “Killing of animals reflects the worst passion of mankind”.
  • “Cruelty is not an act, but a habit”.
  • “There should be no reservation in animal preservation”.
  • “Love of animals-an expression of human wisdom”.
  • “Save the flora and fauna of our beautiful land”.